ALRAI Food Industries was established in 1968 in Al Hasa, in the Eastern Province in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, by Mohammad Mousa Bokhamseen.

ALRAI Food Industries which rapidly evolved from a small factory of dairy products to become nowadays a major Saudi factory producing a versatile variety of products and is rated between the most important producers and suppliers for juice and dairy products in the Kingdom.

Adopting International standards of safety and food hygiene, ALRAI Food Industries enforces the belief of good health and right nutrition in its entire range of products implicating essential nutrition values.

ALRAI Food Industries always offer high quality nutrition and services that respond to the needs, health, tastes and desires of our customers. We are looking forward to grow with time in order to satisfy increasing consumers’ demands while maintaining the same standards of quality.

ALRAI Food Industries successful story was made with the serious hard work of our team work, commitment, and respecting highest standards in production, technology and services.

ALRAI Food Industries, with more than 15 production lines and about 450 employees and a sales distribution fleet of about 300 vehicles, geographically covers the whole kingdom and is relentlessly aspiring to achieve a bigger and bigger market share in the surrounding countries.